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Sarah is a kind, understanding and patient singing teacher who strives to get the best out of her students. She's professional and has a clear passion for teaching. She has a wealth of musical knowledge that she uses to effectively facilitate learning. If you ever find something difficult in a lesson, she will break it down into manageable steps for you to enable you to succeed and leave the lesson feeling good about yourself. She’s able to teach songs she’s never heard before herself, which is great if you want to pick a unique song for an audition or performance.


Sarah is an amazing coach/teacher. From when I had my first Skype lesson due to lockdown Sarah has been so encouraging, and supportive. I would describe myself as a reluctant and lacking in confidence singer. Sarah has instilled confidence in me and made me believe in my singing abilities.

I have found myself singing around the house so much more and cannot wait to sing April Love with my Dad. This was my late Mum’s and Dad’s special song when they were courting. I didn’t realise how emotional singing can be. I throughly recommend Sarah to anyone who would love to find their voice to enable them to sing loud and proud. Thank you so much Sarah. You are a star!

Dawn Clark

I strongly recommend Sarah as a great teacher and so kind. I have been taking lesson with other teachers before and they failed to teach somebody who is not an English native speaker, I wish I'd met her earler! But never mind I'm here now. Thank you Sarah!

Antonia Mealyou

Sarah Rodriguez Croft is a fantastic singing teacher. From the moment that I made contact with her and through every lesson she has been warm and encouraging and I have felt completely at ease. Her musical talents are exceptional including sight reading, piano playing, overall musicality, and of course her singing. Sarah is able to adapt her teaching to the exact level you need and there is no doubt my singing has developed over the last 18 months. I will be very sorry to have to leave and am only doing so because I am moving away. I cannot recommend Sarah enough; her singing lessons are an absolute joy.

Sara Henley

I’ve had lessons with Sarah for over a year and I’ve looked forward to every single lesson. I was incredibly shy starting out as many are, but Sarah was able to put me instantly at ease and made me comfortable enough to sing to the best of my ability.

I’ve had a few teachers and none have been as agile as Sarah has been - no song or technique is too much to go over and she is always more than happy to discuss things in as much detail is needed to get the point across. Sarah will often use metaphors to make the most complicated techniques easy to understand.

Learning to sing is all about messing up and making some really weird noises. I’ve always felt comfortable doing that with Sarah, knowing we can just smile and talk about how to make it better.

Overall, if you’re still uncertain I urge you to just jump in and book an hour. If you’re anything like me you will leave with the biggest smile and looking forward to the next one.

Luke Goodwin

I was asked to sing the first dance for my Son and Daughter-in-law's wedding.  It was a difficult song and I am not a professional singer.  To say I was a tad nervous would be an understatement!  I got in contact with Sarah, and over the course of a couple of months, she helped me understand the track, taught me how to breath correctly, warm-up my voice and how to sing the difficult scales in the song.  Because of her lessons and tuition, I was confident when the time came and pulled it off.  The happy couple were very pleased with the result.  I couldn't have done it without Sarah’s help. Thank you so much. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed my singing lessons with Sarah! She has been a great teacher and I am learning what my voice can do. I feel so comfortable during my singing lessons, for someone who was originally slightly nervous. I always come out of my singing lessons energetic and happy! Thank you Sarah!


Sarah is a positive, kind & patient teacher.

With Sarah’s support & encouragement my daughter has completed her grade 1 & 2 with RSL Vocals & currently working on her grade 3.

I cannot say enough about Sarah’s commitment to my daughter, building up her confidence each time she has a lesson. Charlize really enjoys each & every lesson with Sarah.

We would definitely highly recommend Sarah.

Alicia & Charlize Hamilton

When my son started singing lessons with Sarah he was nine years old.  He was always recalled for musical theatre shows in London but never managed to secure the role.  In just over a year of lessons, he was performing in Matilda the Musical in the West End and had a small role in the feature film ‘Holmes and Watson’.

Sarah is able to modify her teaching to whoever she is with so that she made my son feel completely at ease, and she was then able to bring out the best in him.  She is positive teacher and made him feel that he was constantly progressing.  He always came out of the lesson saying that he had enjoyed it.

I would recommend Sarah as a vocal coach as she is easily able to adapt her teaching methods to suit the individual, and is willing to listen to her students’ needs.  My son would not have had the amazing experiences in performing without her guidance.   Thank you Sarah X

Emily Riley

I have been having lessons with Sarah for nearly three years now and there has not been a lesson that I have not absolutely loved! I started singing lessons because I had a phobia of singing in front of other people (casual singing along to songs I liked or even humming!) This was a shame because I have always loved singing, so couldn't understand why I had such a problem! However, Sarah was very helpful and supportive with this, and although in my first lesson I was really nervous, she made me feel completely at ease and in a safe space to develop my singing voice.

Nearly three years on, I am even having joint lessons with my mother-in-law where we are having lots of fun with harmonies and duets. I would never have dreamed that I would be able to sing on my own in front of one person, let alone with someone else in a lesson setting! I have come a long way with my confidence and skill and it is all thanks to Sarah and her amazing teaching. She always makes me feel completely at ease and tailors each lesson to my needs perfectly. I look forward to many more lessons together where I can develop and grow my singing further.

Antonia Somers

I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for all of your guidance and support throughout my singing lessons in the last few years.

Not only have you improved my technical ability but also my own level of confidence in my singing.  This is most evident following my audition for panto last year which I couldn't have done without all of your support.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my lessons and the variety of songs we have taken on.   I have improved so much thanks to your exercises, time and encouragement so thank you.

Lucy Cowell

Sarah, you have been a wonderful teacher and can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave me. Although we had to do so much in such a short notice, you had no problem teaching me everything that I needed. You have been very kind, lovely and especially patient and those qualities made me feel very secure and made my confidence grow each lesson.

Thank you so much.

Diana Olosho

I originally signed up for lessons with Sarah because she was personally recommended to me by a lovely member of the Milton Keynes Community Choir.

I really wanted to learn to sing as I had been denied the chance earlier in my life.

Sarah proved to be the perfect teacher for me.  She is empathetic, patient and hugely positive and although it has taken several years I feel I am really making progress and I love it.

In 2016 I suffered a stroke and had to miss a whole term but when I was ready Sarah welcomed me back with open arms.  She has been so understanding throughout my recovery for which I can't thank her enough. I really look forward to my weekly session and would highly recommend her to anyone who JUST WANTS TO SING.

Thank you Sarah.

Jacky MacIver

I've been singing/performing for a good thirty years or so but had never had any vocal training until a couple of months ago when I got in touch with Sarah. After just four or five lessons I've seen a great deal of improvement; noticeable in both my performances and in the recording studio! I appreciate Sarah's attention to detail and ability to cater the lessons to specific needs. She also makes you feel comfortable and relaxed which is of course very important.

Thanks a lot!

Paul Rushton

I had a wonderful experience with Sarah as my singing teacher. I always looked forward to our singing lessons together. Sarah is very positive and kind. As a teacher she is enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive. She taught me a lot about singing technique, which I didn't know a lot about before starting my lessons. I feel like I improved a lot during the time I received lessons from her. Sarah encouraged me to try new things and to get out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately, due to me moving away I can no longer receive lessons from her. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving as a singer, because Sarah knows exactly what she's doing.

Maria Oja

I'd always wanted to learn to sing, but for a long time never really did anything about it. I'm so glad that I finally mustered the courage to book a lesson with Sarah! In the year and a half that's followed, I've learnt loads and seen a great deal of improvement! It's so satisfying the first time you listen back to something you've sung and think "Hey! That didn't totally suck!". That’s a long way to go from cringing at the sound of your own voice!

Now, you’d have thought listening to me caterwauling on a weekly basis would have grown tiring, but Sarah conducts every lesson with seemingly endless positivity and the patience of a saint! Traits which rather come in handy when I’m STILL not hitting that high note! Above all else though, Sarah makes every lesson fun! Between the comical warmup exercises (which, Sarah assures me, definitely aren’t just for her own amusement!), getting to sing my favourite songs, and the higher than usual intake of oxygen, it’s hard not to come away feeling a bit euphoric.

To that end, if, like myself, you’ve been thinking about learning to sing and putting it off, I have some advice for you - DO IT! And book a lesson with Sarah while you’re at it!

Adam Bray

Sarah is a superb teacher. Here’s why.

I’ve been singing in various bands in MK for a number of years. Then in 2010 my left vocal cord was paralysed during cancer surgery, leaving me unable to speak. I also lost half of my left lung at the same time. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago (and after four operations and speech therapy) that I was able to sing again. But my singing voice was weak, breathy and lacking in range. I tried working with a couple of singing teachers to see if they could help me make the most of my ’new voice’ but they were not able to help me.

I eventually found Sarah and explained my situation and asked if she thought she could help. Her response was immediate and positive. She gave me exercises to improve my breathing and breath control as well as exercises to improve my vocal projection. She did all this with patience, enthusiasm and a smile. And very astutely, she recognised that I had lost confidence.

My ‘new voice’ is not like my old voice and that’s something I’m now able to accept. Because Sarah has given me back my confidence to perform again.  Thank you Sarah.

Ian Spratley

Sarah made Ellie feel comfortable and confident from day one - her singing lessons have helped Ellie's singing improve so much, giving her technical strengths as well as helping her be able to perform with confidence. We would highly recommend Sarah to anyone - a lovely lady with a relaxed friendly approach to teaching!

Rachel & Ellie Fransch

For a long time I have always admired people that can sing. I believe you can convey an array of emotions just through their voice. You can captivate an audience or just a single person. To that end my dream is to be able to serenade that special someone the day I get married so the hunt began for someone that could mould my voice from the quiet mumbling mess of varying degrees of sound into a voice that could make people smile.

I searched around my area looking for the right person. It is very hard to really know who that right person is. I didn’t know what a good singing instructor was or what they were going to get me to do but I came across Sarah Croft and what a great find. I was made to feel welcome and at ease from my first lesson and throughout my time singing.

Sarah’s singing talents shine as she has the ability to show you how it should be done giving you the chance to follow. Sarah also makes the lessons varied with different practises from lesson-to-lesson but what amazes me more is Sarah’s ability to take any song that you want to sing, listen to it for a few seconds and then have the ability to play the melody during the lessons. I love a wide variety of music from Rod Stewart to Chris Brown and there wasn’t a song she couldn’t work with.

Sarah is active in the music industry and lead vocalist in The Hallows plus has experience teaching. To me this proved she has talent and would be able to help me achieve my goals.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to take up singing and I have no regrets’ from doing so myself.

Paul Davis

Thank you so much for your skill, encouragement and care which has helped to increase my confidence and ability beyond my expectations. You are a wonderful singing teacher!

Debbie Armstrong

Learning to sing with Sarah has been an extremely enjoyable experience that has exceeded all of my expectations. Using a combination of exercises and performance, Sarah's step-by-step methodology has boosted my confidence and singing ability. I have improved my range, control, articulation, projection, clarity of tone and dynamics. Learning to sing with Sarah has also been beneficial in any situation where extra vocal confidence and clarity are valuable assets. Crucially, as well as the excellent technical vocal tuition, I found Sarah to be a superbly skilled listener able to quickly spot the small details of intonation or expression that make a difference to the performance of a song. With the improvements I have gained, I now feel able to tackle any new song with confidence. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah to singers of all levels of ability and experience.

Jonathan Whittle

Having had two years working with Sarah she has changed the way I am able to sing giving me range, tone and abilities I never though possible. Sarah has a great way of teaching - allowing you to be able to learn the songs and styles that you want to achieve whilst giving you the range in your voice you never thought possible. Sarah is very understanding and very passionate about her teachings enabling you to find the best way to learn how to sing whilst not being a strict, structured experience. Open to all styles of music and adaptable to finding the best learning techniques that suit you. In the time I have been taking lessons with Sarah I have gone from not being able to string four notes together to now singing Elvis. I would recommend lessons with Sarah to anyone wanting to learn. I would say anyone who is not taking lessons with Sarah is missing out on a great experience and opportunity. Thank you Sarah.

Andy Clarke

Each Friday I walk in to the piano room escaping the mania of my world, knowing that for the next hour I was going to lose myself, relax and experience a euphoria quite unlike anything else. Knowing that I was usually unrehearsed and unprepared, Sarah would greet me with serenity and patience. She’d take me through my scales and help improve me each visit. Being a complete beginner I was pretty nervous at the start, but with Sarah’s guidance I soon got the hang of it and I love every session with her.

Lisa Temperton

Thank you so much for all your kind, gentle, sensitive help. You are an amazing singer and an excellent teacher and I feel very privileged to have benefitted from your teaching. You have made a huge difference to how I sing and I am extremely grateful for that.

Helen Lowry

Kira has thoroughly enjoyed her singing lessons with you and I know they have helped her immensely not only with all the auditions she has done but also with her performing arts lessons at school. Both David and myself would also like to thank you so much for everything you have done for Kira.

Lisa MacCarter

I have been having singing lessons with Sarah Croft for over a year and a half now and I can whole heartedly recommend her to any individual looking for vocal coaching. From the minute I first walked in Sarah made me feel calm, truly inspired and like I had known her for years! Her warm nature and welcoming home means you can build on your ability without any hindrance. I have grown in confidence and have built on my vocal range which is ever growing! Before I started with Sarah I struggled using my head voice and had problems using my breath effectively throughout a performance. With Sarah's help I am now attempting things I would never have tried previously and am enjoying learning the art of natural sounding ad libs. Thank you for everything so far and I'm looking forward to seeing where my coaching takes me next!


I had checked the testimonials before I took my daughter (now aged 9) for lessons with Sarah and now being with her for more than a year, I wholly agree to all that is said here. I'm really pleased to be able to share my experiences too.

Though my daughter was keen on singing on her own (I believe she has a good voice), she wasn't quite sure about going for singing lessons. However, Sarah has been really patient and encouraging with her, making lessons fun and interesting. She went on to join for piano lessons as well. Now my daughter says 'I will miss Sarah and I don't think I will find a wonderful teacher like her again'.

Unfortunately we are relocating and wouldn't be able to continue with Sarah but I hope my daughter has benefitted from a good foundation which she can now build on and I would highly recommend Sarah for even young children.


In February 2013, I looked for a vocal coach to help with my ever waning confidence. I felt I had a narrow singing range and hoped to be able to expand on this with a good teacher. In March of 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer which thankfully was curable but involved chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I carried on with my lessons, but understandably couldn't carry on with the consistancy I would have liked, having to often cancel due to hospital appointments or just being too tired or sick. Sarah gave me so much support and was so patient, even warning me is she wasn't feeling well in any way, even just a sniffle, so that I had a chance to cancel should I have chosen to. She understood the importance of me having to stay away from any form of sickness as I was vulnerable to infection whilst on chemo. This told me that she is completely unselfish and certainly not just in it for the money. I would often get emotional whilst singing, often at the end. Although keeping professional, Sarah was very understanding and I believe she got to know me well enough that she knew when to expect it. That's when I felt we had formed a true coach/student bond. I continued to sing through what was a very bad year but chose to end my lessons in February 2014. This was only due to finances and rebuilding my life looking for work etc. Sarah, was part of what kept me going through such a black time and I would like to thank her... Thank you Sarah x

Yvonne Higgins

Sarah is a wonderful and patient teacher and I have learned so much in terms of breath control ,note pitch, tone and so much more , She really is an inspirational singing teacher and I have no hesitation in recommending her to any one who wants to improve their singing ability . We have even done a duet of "Sound of Silence " which she praised me for !!!! 

Jim Finn

Sarah is a fantastic singing teacher. She instantly made me feel comfortable and welcome and maintains a high level of friendly professionalism. Sarah has really enabled me to train my voice to a place I never thought I could achieve and I always looked forward to our lessons. Sarah has gotten to know my style and helped by suggesting material that I would have not normally considered but actually really suited my voice and I loved to sing. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a high quality singing teacher who really develops their students talent.


Working with Sarah has helped me improve my vocals in many ways; I am now aware of my head voice and chest voice, Sarah has helped me to be more confident in my vocal abilities and also helped me to be more confident in using my head voice! She's been a fantastic teacher...
Thank you Sarah!

Anita Dzre

Thank you Sarah, you have been fantastic! You are such a kind, patient, and very approachable person. You have developed my daughter's singing voice and keyboard skills to a higher level and enhanced her knowledge of music. We highly recommend you!

Fiona Bowler

I would like all to know that we found in Sarah Croft an extremely professional and competent tutor of all things musical and enabled our daughter Jaz to progress with confidence. Sarah is patient and her method of instruction is absolutely first class and she is an amazing professional musician and anyone signing up for her expertise would NOT be disappointed. I would recommend Sarah in a heartbeat for anyone wanting to follow their dreams because she certainly knows how to encourage the best out of her students and bring out the best of their abilities.

As a person, Sarah is an absolutely delightful and amenable person and treated our daughter like gold, and the hour Jaz was with her was thoroughly enjoyed...I could continue on and on with compliments and that still would not be enough...!!!

I would encourage all to experience what we have had with Sarah...THERE ARE NO DOWN SIDES !!!

So...to summarise our experience with Sarah Croft in one word...AWESOME !!!!

Wayne Nottingham

After spending about a year with Sarah, I have felt that I have grown hugely as a performer. I have grown confidence in my voice and also skills such as stamina building and vocal techniques. The vocal warm ups and skills she has taught me throughout the lessons will continue to improve my voice for the future and will always be used religiously. My vocal range has improved dramatically and I am now also more aware of bad habits that I have not used as often since I started singing with her. She is a lovely person and is always able to bring out the best in her students. Sarah is also a teacher that gets to know her students so that they will end up seeing her more as a friend than a teacher.

I would definitely recommend Sarah because she is an incredible teacher, is amazingly talented and is such a nice person.

Jaz Nottingham (Aged 15)

My daughter Charlotte has been having lessons with Sarah for over a year. The main reason for starting the lessons was to improve Charlotte’s self- confidence not just with her singing but within herself in general. This has been achieved in abundance! She is now in the Chamber Choir at school, taking lead roles in school plays and singing in class just for fun!

But the main difference has been her inner confidence in all aspects of life has improved dramatically. She has grown into a much more self- assured young girl who will give things a go rather than miss out. Sarah makes the lessons entertaining and nurtures her pupils to give their best. Most of all they have fun.

Would highly recommend Sarah to everyone!

Karen Andrew (about her daughter, Charlotte aged 10)

'Sarah is an excellent singing teacher no matter what styles or type of singing you want to do. She helped me develop all parts of my range and also helped me find my favourite genre to sing, and showed me really amazing artists I'd never heard of. I'm very thankful for all the help she gave me. Would recommend Sarah to any singer!'

Megan Towers

"Thank you for my lessons, I have really learnt a lot and most importantly you gave me the confidence to believe I can sing!"

Jo Mansville

" Finally, I've found an amazing singing teacher.... in Sarah Croft. In just 6 months, my confidence has grown and my vocal range has increased significantly. She has given me every confidence in myself and my ability. The lessons are informative, insightful, but most of all so enjoyable and great fun. Who knew an hour could go so quickly... With Sarah, there is no pressure, as she allows you to be yourself completely. If you are looking for a fantastic singing teacher, who is extremely knowledgeable in her field, down to earth and absolutely committed to your development as a singer, then do not look any further."

Jonathan Shelton

"I have been singing in choirs since I was at school so… having always wanted to have singing lessons I went looking for a teacher and found Sarah, who I’ve been working with for the past year.

Sarah is a wonderful, encouraging singing teacher, very patient – especially with someone who can’t count! Sarah is very accommodating and will always help me with the choral pieces from choir, adapting exercises to fit with the music I’ve brought. I have managed to stretch my range upwards, and still going! I’ve learnt breathing techniques and many warming up exercises and enjoyed singing a variety of songs. I very much enjoy my lessons with Sarah; they’re the highlight of my week! I’m really looking forward to 2012!"

Karen Evans, Newport Pagnell Singers

"Just wanted to say thank you, I've learnt so much from you, along with many laughs, throughly

enjoyed every minute. As you are aware I'm a fan of karaoke and always sang what I would call 'safe' songs. Well, after my singing lessons with you, its a completely different matter. You have given me the confidence to sing songs that I could only have ever dreamed of singing before. With your help and encouragement I can now reach notes that I thought were completely out of my range, just goes to show what you can do when you have a brilliant teacher, highly recommended. I always remember my little pointers for voice projection, my yawns and up and over's lol. So thank you so much Sarah, hopefully I'll be able to resume my lessons in the new year. Kings of Leon - be very afraid!"

Jacki Richards

"Sarah's approach to my efforts (singing & learning music theory) as we have progressed has been super supportive & positive from the very first session. Always helpful but challenging - she has proved to me that I can do far more than I ever expected. Every session has been enjoyable & I have always left the lesson knowing that I have taken further steps in my own development. Whether I manage my ultimate goal is in my hands, but if I do make it Sarah will have played an enormous part. Sarah is not a teacher to be underestimated. She is patient but still demanding - in the nicest possible way. Any one choosing to follow her instruction will not be disappointed."

Myra White

"I was given a four week course for my birthday but I enjoyed it so much I stayed on for a year."

Stephen Bassett, Leighton Buzzard

"Sarah was my third attempt to find a singing teacher (my first teacher laughed at my attempt to sing, then later told me off for laughing at my own failure to find a note -- "It's not funny!" she said, angrily -- while my second teacher just wanted me to sing songs from the 1940s). Fortunately, it was third time lucky, because I think Sarah is the best teacher anyone could wish for. With remarkable patience and encouragement, Sarah helps me find my voice, knows intuitively what exercises I need to do to overcome particular difficulties I'm having either generally or in the lesson, hears exactly where I'm going wrong with exercises, and knows how to help me create the right sound. I'm surprised by how quickly I've gained confidence to sing. In my first lesson I sang so quietly and timidly. I have now no fear of singing when others are around. I'm also very grateful that I'm able to choose the songs I wish to sing.

Every lesson is fun with Sarah, I'm not sure if it's because of the abundance of oxygen I take in from breathing deeply, or because of the strange sounds I make during the exercises, but I usually end up in a fit of giggles at some point during the lesson. It's always enjoyable, and I leave with a grand smile, looking forward to the next one."

Richard Gebbie

"Sarah has given me a lot of confidence so I am not afraid anymore. The best thing for me is when I warm up because my voice sounds and feels really smooth. I love singing and now, thanks to Sarah, it has become a passion!"

Bethany (15 years)

"I'd always liked the idea of being able to sing, but wasn't quite sure how to go about it. When I started having lessons with Sarah we took everything at a pace suitable for me and she was very patient and helpful when showing me how to sing properly. I learnt about breathing techniques and control, using my head and chest voice, how to sustain long phrases with little breath and much more. Sarah always showed me exercises to practice when I was trying to improve a certain part of a song or work on something I found especially difficult. She is very patient, helpful and musical and I am grateful to have had her expertise."

Lindsay Wright

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