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Bringing your music lessons to you...

Whether you are finding your voice and building your confidence, developing your singing and piano skills, learning music theory or studying towards exams and performances; online music lessons can be a convenient way to learn, in the comfort of your own home.

To book an online lesson please follow these steps:

  1. All online lessons will be provided through a Skype video call. Sign up for a free Skype account following this link: Get Skype
  2. To maximise lesson efficiency, please check your internet connection speed prior to booking your lesson.  This can be done by following this link: Internet Speed Test.  To achieve a successful video connection, the optimum internet speed is 25 Mbps (megabits per second) and above.  It is entirely up to you if you would like to proceed with a lower internet speed.

Now you are ready to book your online lesson, please get in touch to arrange a suitable day and time.

If you have any questions at all about this process, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Tips and Safeguarding for Online Lessons

  • Please remember to fully charge your device and/or keep it plugged in for the duration of our video lesson.
  • Things to keep close to hand:  a glass of water, pen and paper and access to music (YouTube/Spotify etc).
  • Please set up against a plain background (wherever possible) and ensure you are not standing in front of a window.  If being in front of a window is your only option, please make sure any blinds and curtains are closed.  This is to maximise visibility.
  • If taking an online piano lesson please set up your camera at the end of your keyboard/piano so I have maximum visibility of your hands.
  • Skype is to be used for lessons only and not for other contact, e.g. sharing photos or general messaging.
  • Students should dress appropriately for all Skype lessons.
  • Parents and guardians are always welcome, and encouraged, to be present during all Skype lessons.  Whilst parents/guardians are encouraged to be present during the lessons, they must be on the premises (and within earshot) at all times throughout the duration of the lesson.

Please click here to get in touch and secure an online lesson...